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Theta Labs

We’re excited to announce the Theta Ecosystem 2022 whitepaper! Read the latest on the Theta vision for media and entertainment, how decentralized video delivery and Edge Nodes work with ThetaDrop, and the introduction of the TDROP NFT Liquidity Mining token.

With Mainnet 3.0 successfully launched, more than 40% of TFUEL staked and over 8,000 Elite Edge Nodes, the Theta blockchain is reaching a complete implementation. …

The latest Theta protocol release version 3.1.0 has been released as a significant milestone for performance and usability improvement for the Theta blockchain. The new code will be available on Theta GitHub on July 25, 2021, with the hard fork to 3.1.0 occurring at block height 11354820 (approximately 12pm July 30, 2021 PT). There will be no token swap or wallet changes associated with this hard fork, so no need to move your Theta or TFuel tokens or take any action on your end.

Major changes in Theta 3.1.0 update include:

  1. More efficient block proposal protocol

Currently a validator block…

Theta Labs has just received patent application approval for USPTO Application Number 17/224,109 (“THETA-1005”): “Preventing denial-of-service attacks in decentralized edge networks using verifiable delay functions (VDFs)”. The invention featured in this patent introduces significantly improved protection against attacks for decentralized networks like Theta Network. This patent approval follows previous Theta patents issued for decentralized data streaming and delivery, ultra-high transaction throughput micropayments, methods and systems for peer node discovery, and decentralized DRM via NFTs, creating a portfolio of patents to further differentiate and protect the Theta technology and ecosystem.

Client-server and peer-to-peer blockchain networks may be vulnerable to denial-of-service (DoS)…

The day is finally here for Theta Mainnet 3.0! Theta blockchain will perform a hardfork at blockheight 10,968,061 (approximately 12pm Wednesday June 30, 2021 PT) to enable the Mainnet 3.0 upgrade. These updates are critical to incentivizing Edge Nodes and growing their numbers to 100k and beyond, making the Edge Network more useful to video platforms and other partners increasing adoption of Theta Network overall. Strengthening the network of Edge Nodes also enables additional new work types such as decentralized storage for NFTs, processing for applications operating on edge networks, and much more.

For a full technical and economic background…

Theta Wallet has been upgraded to v3.0.1 for iOS, Android, desktop web, and Chrome extension versions. This new version adds the TFuel staking feature, allowing users to stake their TFuel tokens to their Theta Edge Node. For more information on the Edge Node and how to run your own, see the latest update or start with the Edge Node documentation.

Theta Mainnet 3.0 will go into effect at blockheight 10,968,061 (approximately 12pm-3pm PT Wednesday June 30, 2021). At that point, TFuel staking will begin on Theta blockchain. If you’re already running a Guardian Node and staking your Theta tokens, the…

The latest step toward Mainnet 3.0 is now released! Theta Mainnet 3.0 will go into effect at blockheight 10968061 (approximately 12pm-3pm PT Wednesday June 30, 2021).

Note: MacOS users should see their Edge Node updating already, with Windows users to follow in the next few hours. Also, Linux users — the long-awaited Linux Edge Node is scheduled for release in the next few weeks.

Theta Edge Node has been upgraded to v3.0.6 with several new features:

  • TFUEL Staking will be enabled on the Edge Node on June 30 at approximately 12pm-3pm PT. By clicking Stake TFUEL on the left side…

We are pleased to announce the Guardian Node release for Theta 3.0. This release will perform a hardfork at blockheight 10968061 (approximately 12pm Wednesday June 30, 2021 PT), to enable the Theta 3.0 features. It is mandatory to upgrade your node otherwise it will fall out of sync after the hardfork height. If you are running the GUI/app version, it will update itself. If you are running theta from Ubuntu command line (or from Google Marketplace), please download the latest binary with the following command. Please replace <THETA_BIN_PATH> with the parent folder of the theta binary you are running with:

Theta Labs has just received patent application approval for USPTO Application №17/218,245 (“THETA-1003”), a technology developed for implementing decentralized digital rights management (DRM) via NFTs in a decentralized network. This technology has massive applications for managing rights across a number of domains including, for example, live performances, concerts, and other ticketed events that require authentication, which can now be managed via an NFT that provides true digital ownership by the user which cannot be taken from them.

More importantly, one major friction point for content rights holders to use decentralized video streaming is concerns over their content rights being violated…

The Theta Mainnet v3.0.0 code has been released! Find it here on the Theta GitHub:

A hard-fork to the new Theta Mainnet 3.0 will happen at block height 10968061 at approximately 12pm Pacific Time, June 30, 2021. There is NO token swap and you do not need to take any action with your THETA or TFUEL tokens — they are safe as is in your Theta Wallet or on supported exchanges.

After the hard fork, the Theta Edge Node will upgrade itself to the new and improved Elite Edge Node, at which point TFUEL staking will go live. Documentation for…

Theta Mainnet 3.0 is launching in less than 2 weeks, and much of the community’s focus is on the introduction of Elite Edge Nodes and TFuel staking and burning. These are critical components to expand the Edge Network’s global coverage for decentralized data delivery and improve Theta cryptoeconomics, but it’s also important to ensure Theta is well-placed in the broader crypto ecosystem. …

Theta Labs

Creators of the Theta Network and — see for more info!

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